How it works


1. Maps your location

Mobile app identifies your location.


3. Provides Redemption Option

Based on your selection generates an electronic coupon for redemption at merchant location. However You can also go ahead and get your deal executed even if you don't have a valid voucher available on your app (Applicable only for limited period).


2. App Sends Alerts

The App will send alerts about offers and discounts offered and floated by merchants/retailers within an arm's distance of 500 meters radius.


4. Let's You Avail Discounts

Walk into the store who has offered you the discount/deal. Buy and shop in exactly the same fashion as you would normally shop. At the time of billing show the voucher and take benefit. Now tell your friends and share this app with them. Go to your "Profile" tab to directly share from the application.

Consumers: How It Benefits You

Be Spontaneous. No need to plan, no need to search - All you need to do is just arrive at the destination market and the offers in the geography immediately come as alerts on your smart phone. You can define your preferences and what type of offers you want to receive. This helps optimise time, while decision making becomes simple. Based on the available offers you can plan your time or utilise it productively after completing your planned work. The app keeps you informed about offers of your interest in the market places and geographies that you define as "favourites", keeping you on top of all the opportunities the real world has to offer in your neighbourhoods.

DRN app can be downloaded from google play store. click on this icon to download the app.

Merchants: How It Benefits You

You can now decide how much more footfall you want. If footfall is appearing to be less during a period, all you have to do is float an attractive offer simply using your smart phone. This immediately attracts consumers within a 500 meter radius of your shop / establishment. The more attractive the offer the more number of conversions will take place. The app keeps track of the coupons and hence helps you create and leverage the database to run loyalty programs. Perishable inventory or dated stock can be quickly liquidated by putting smart offers.

Merchant App - How to download

DRN merchant app can be downloaded from google play store. click on this icon to download the merchant app.

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